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40-something year old with a BS in electrical engineering and computer engineering from Iowa State University; an MS in biomedical engineering (striated muscle electrophysiology) from University of Iowa; and an MD from University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

I'm generally interested in these topics:

My first edit was of Nevada, Iowa on 01:04, November 23, 2004 [1].

I was nominated for adminship (WP:RFA/Cburnett) on April 23, 2005 and promoted on May 1 by Cecropia; the 416th admin.

My interests in topics on wikipedia is quite varied and I tend to migrate from one topic to another as time goes on.


Books; my favorites:


Music. I much prefer music of instrumental substance/focus than vocals.


Musicals and plays I've seen:


See User:Cburnett/GFDL images for a list of images I've contributed to wikipedia that I've taken.


Been to:


Museums and museum-like places I've been to:


Botanical Gardens[edit]

Been to:

US Parks, et. al.[edit]

Iowa State Parks[edit]

Iowa state parks and forests:

University Campuses[edit]

University and college campuses I have been to (for any reason):

Places to go[edit]

Basically a list of places to go to at some point in my life. By no means is this a complete never will be. I mostly just add stuff when I come across it.


"When you hear hoof beats: think horses not zebras." However, if you do not think about zebras then you will never find them.

Zebras I have diagnosed

Uncommon things I have seen:


These are the deaths of people who, while weren't necessarily my heroes or anything, had a disturbance in The Force that I felt.


For images I have uploaded that I didn't release into public domain (e.g., Template:PD-self), please attribute them:

  • to "Colin M.L. Burnett" if used external to wikipedia (or sister projects)
  • to "[[:en:User:Cburnett]]" if used internal to wikipedia (or sister projects).

Of course, if you want to use the exact image I (or any image for that matter) uploaded then just use it. The image page gives attribution to the creator.

If you desire to have the picture under another license, please feel free to email me (see "E-mail this user" under the toolbox menu) and ask. The images are also scaled-down from their originals. I'm likely to oblige...

Attribution signature I use on images: {{User:Cburnett/image sig}}

Be sure to read #Licensing.

Airport diagrams[edit]

GFDL'ed images[edit]

As of June 18, 2007 I've contributed over 487 images to wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). As mentioned above, I've been on a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) kick lately with over 300 SVGs so far.

Some of my favorites:

Non-GFDL'ed images[edit]

The bulk of my non-GFDL images come in the form of screenshots of TV episodes and movies. I'm too lazy to count them.

Some of my favorites that I can visually display (non-fair use):

Current projects[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Zoo[edit]

WikiProject Zoo open tasks
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Project-wide tasks
  • Start articles for red links at List of zoo associations; include list of members or accredited zoos.
  • Add infoboxes to zoo, aquarium, and aviary articles (see Category:Zoos or Category:WikiProject Zoo articles for lists of articles, and Category:Articles_needing_infobox_zoo for articles where infobox is missing).
  • Request logos and photos of zoo signs/entrances for inclusion in infoboxes.
  • Add {{reqphoto|zoos|in=location|of=name_of_zoo}} on the talk page if needed.
  • Flesh out infoboxes with sourced information (# of animals, featured exhibits, date opened, etc.).
  • Add {{WPZOO}} to each talk page.
  • Write articles :)
  • Find non-facility articles to include that are related to zoos, aquaria, and aviaries.
Specific article tasks
No articles undergoing FAC, FAR, GAC, or GAR at this time
No specific cleanup requests at this time
Attention needed
Auckland ZooMonterey Bay AquariumToronto ZooMore...
Requested articles
Little River ZooSepahijala ZooZoo NebraskaMore...
Requested images
Riverside Park and ZooWerribee Open Range ZooMore...
Expansion needed
Aquarium BarcelonaCollins ZooDallas World AquariumGranby ZooMontreal InsectariumRanua Wildlife ParkMore...



This user is a member of WikiProject Zoo.
My work on {{Infobox zoo}} got the project going.
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Yeah for feeling good 'n stuff.
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Star Trek WikiProject.
This project is where, IMHO, tv lists started going and the particular format gained popularity to start off the tv episodes wikiproject.

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This user wishes he had an interplanetary driver's license.
This user's got a case of the Mondays.


Unless explicitly and directly stated by me, anything licensed under the GPL is only licensed under version 2. This includes any future works and applies to all previous works. (The text of templates do not count as explicit or direct statements.) Because the wordage of templates can change and can be interpreted differently, all previously licensed works were never licensed under anything but version 2. I am making this interpretation explicit now.