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Tansing (तानसेन, also spelled "Tensing" and "Tanshing") is a historic town of Western Nepal.

The ancient name of Tansen was Tansing. The word Tansing descends from Magar Language. The word "Tansing"means a denser or northern settlement. In past, whole region of Palpa and surrounding districts were dominated by Magar Tribes. Magars are one of the ethnic groups of Nepal having their own language, culture and history and are assumed to be the first settlers in this area.

Before the unification of Nepal there were several small kingdoms and hill states. In this region, they were known as "Barha Magarat", meaning the twelve regions of Magar. These regions of Magar included Palpa, Gulmi, Arghakhanchi districts of Lumbini Zone and other districts of Rapti and Bheri Zone.

During the invasion of Muslims into India, numerous kings of different states escaped from there to the northern hill areas. Some of them conquered the local kings and established their own estates. The former Sen Dynasty of Palpa, founded by Rudra Sen (1483-1518 A.D.) had its roots in those days. Under the reign of his son, Mukunda Sen (1518-1553 A.D.), the kingdom of Palpa reached its largest expansion and Tansen became its capital. The kingdom Palpa spread as far as the Koshi River in the east, Gorakhpur in the South and Gulmi and Kaski districts in the west and north respectively.

It was the capital of the Sen dynasty of Western Nepal. After the unification of Nepal it became one of the most important administrative towns. Tanshing Durbar, Tribhuwan Campus Darbar and the Musiam Durbar are considered the most aesthetically pleasing and beautiful sites in Tansing. Bhairb Amarnayarn and Bhagwati are popular Hindu temples in the town. The famous Love Fort Rani Mahal is just three Kilometers outside of the main town.

Tansing is also famous for its natural beauty, it is in a plateau of high hills which provides a view of the Himalayas and the beautiful Madi valley.

Coordinates: 27°52′N 83°33′E / 27.867°N 83.550°E / 27.867; 83.550