Tar Gula language

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Tar Gula
Native toCentral African Republic and South Sudan
Native speakers
13,000 (1996)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3kcm

The Gula language, or Tar Gula, of the Central African Republic, commonly known as Kara, is a Central Sudanic language or dialect cluster. The term "Kara" is also attached to numerous ethnic groups of the region and their languages, and so is often ambiguous.

Ethnologue lists Gula du Mamoun, Kara (of South Sudan) and Yamegi as synonyms, and Molo, Mele, Mot-Mar (Moto-Mara), Sar (Sara), Mere, and Zura (Koto) as dialects.

Sources disagree as to whether Gula shares a Kara branch with other languages, with proposed Kara languages in one classification reassigned to other branches in other classifications. (See Kara languages.)


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