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Tarina Tarantino
Tarina Tarantino at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Photographed by Ed Kavishe for Fashion Wire Press.jpg
Tarantino at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Occupation Jewelry designer

Tarina Tarantino[1] is an American costume jewelry and accessory designer, based in Los Angeles, California. Known for her flamboyant pink hair, she has been described as having "a pretty cult-like following here in LA"[2] and as "the haute designer of playful jewelry for grown women".[1]


Born in 1968, as a child in Los Angeles she began making jewelry at age 3, out of plastic and other materials, and as an adult she continued designing jewelry as a hobby. After graduating from high school, Tarantino moved to Paris, where she worked as a fashion model[3] but grew tired of "starving herself to stay thin."[1] Returning to Los Angeles, she became a full-time makeup artist.[3] She often wore her self-designed jewelry pieces and found that people bought them right off her body.[1] So in 1995, she and Alfonso Campos opened the self-titled design business Tarina Tarantino.[4] Her jewelry and other creations are assembled in Downtown Los Angeles,[5] and she has a boutique store on Melrose Avenue.[2] She also has stores in New York City and Milan.[1]

Her jewelry pieces are expensive and heavy-weight, often made from Lucite or Swarovski crystals.[1] She launches 15 new collections a year, often featuring designs inspired by cultural icons like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz.[6] She has produced two collections in collaboration with Mattel based on the iconic Barbie doll, noting that "Barbie has been every designer's inspiration."[5] She also produces jewelry in collaboration with Hello Kitty.[5]

She is primarily known as a designer of costume jewelry, but she also designs handbags and other accessories, and she released a full collection of cosmetics exclusively for Sephora retail stores in January 2010.[3]

She lives in Los Angeles and is the mother of two daughters.[1]


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