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PronunciationArabic: [ˈtawˌfiːq, ˈtoː-, ˈtu-]
Turkish: [ˈtevfik]
Meaningsuccessful, fortunate
Other names
Alternative spellingTewfik , Taoufic , Tawfiq, Tawfeeq, Toufic among many other alterations in the Latin alphabet.

Tawfik (Arabic: توفيق‎), or Tewfik, is an Arabic name given to males. The name is derived from the Arabic root: waaw-faa-qaaf (و-ف-ق), which means to agree or to reconcile. Tawfik translates to, "the ability or opportunity to achieve success". A spelling of "Tewfik" or "Toufic" is used more among French speakers. Tawfik can be used as a given name or surname. Since it is considered a "neutral" name in the Arabic language, many Arabic-speaking Christians as well as Muslims are named Tawfik. The Turkish equivalent is Tevfik, the Azerbaijani equivalent is Tofig or Tofiq, the Albanian equivalent is Teufik. The Hebrew equivalent is Tovik or Tuvik (תוביק). Tawfik also has a similar meaning to the Greek Tobias (Τοβίας).

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