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PronunciationArabic: [ˈtawˌfiːq, ˈtoː-, ˈtu-]
Turkish: [ˈtevfik]
Meaningsuccessful, fortunate
Other names
Alternative spellingTewfik, Tawfeeq, and Toufic among many other alterations in the Latin alphabet.

Tawfik (Arabic: توفيق‎), or Tewfik, is an Arabic name given to males. The name is derived from the Arabic root: waaw-faa-qaaf (و-ف-ق), which means to agree or to reconcile. Tawfik translates to, "the ability or opportunity to achieve success". A spelling of "Tewfik" or "Toufic" is used more among French speakers. Tawfik can be used as a given name or surname. Since it is considered a "neutral" name in the Arabic language, many Arabic-speaking Christians as well as Muslims are named Tawfik. The Turkish equivalent is Tevfik, the Azerbaijani equivalent is Tofig or Tofiq, the Albanian equivalent is Teufik.

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