Taxman (video game)

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Apple II Taxman.jpg
Manual cover art
Publisher(s)H.A.L. Labs
Programmer(s)Brian Fitzgerald [1]
Platform(s)Apple II
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer (up to five players)

Taxman is a clone of Namco's Pac-Man written by Brian Fitzgerald for the Apple II and published by H.A.L. Labs in 1981.[1]

Featuring the same maze and yellow Pac-Man character as the arcade game, and promoted as "the definitive version of the popular game," HAL was asked to stop selling Taxman by Atari, Inc. who owned the home rights to Pac-Man. Atari published a modified version of Taxman as the official Apple II port of Pac-Man under its Atarisoft label.[2] HAL Labs then changed the mazes and some of the graphics of Taxman and rebranded it as Taxman 2 in 1982.

Fitzgerald publicly released the Taxman source code in 2015.[3]


Taxman is set in the land of Tanstaafl in which the citizens are in revolt and rioting in the streets, and the player passes through tax centers in each precinct to pacify the rebels.[4]


Karl Westerholm reviewed Taxman in The Space Gamer No. 56.[4] Westerholm commented that "I definitely recommend this game to all who waste too many quarters at arcades, as it is just as addictive as the original."[4]


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