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Taybeh is a Palestinian town in the Ramallah area, central West Bank.

Taybeh (Arabic: طيّبة‎‎ Ṭayyibaḧ, Hebrew: טייבה‎‎; also spelled Taibeh or Tayiba) may also refer to:

Israel and Palestinian territories[edit]

  • Taibe, Galilee, a village in the Jezreel Valley, Israel
  • Tayibe, a city in central Israel
  • At-Tayba, a Palestinian village in the northern West Bank
  • Taybeh Brewery, in the town in the Ramallah area, central West Bank


  • At-Tayba, Petra, also written Taybeh, a village in the protected region of Petra, south of Wadi Musa on the road to Aqaba