Takyeh Moaven-ol-Molk

Coordinates: 34°18′49″N 47°04′13″E / 34.313551°N 47.070376°E / 34.313551; 47.070376
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Takyeh Moaven-ol-olk
تکیه معاون‌الملک
LocationKermanshah, Iran
Coordinates34°18′49″N 47°04′13″E / 34.313551°N 47.070376°E / 34.313551; 47.070376
ArchitectHossein naghash e tehrani
Seyed abulqsem mani
Hossein khan Moein al-roaya
Architectural style(s)Persian architecture
Takyeh Moaven-ol-Molk is located in Iran
Takyeh Moaven-ol-Molk
Location in Iran

Takyeh Moaven-ol-Molk (Persian:تکیه معاون الملک) is a takyeh and historical place located in Kermanshah city of Iran. It was built during Qajar era as a Shia mourning site. On 1 December 1975 Tekyeh Moaven al-molk was recognized as National monument of Iran. It is well known for its exclusive tiling, picturing Islamic era Ghazi (warrior), Battle of Karbala and Iranian kings such as Achaemenid kings and Persepolis. It has three main parts: Hussainiya, Zaeynabiya and Abbasiya. Museum of Anthropology of Kermanshah, and Clothes and Jewelry Museum of Kermanshah are located in Abbasiya.[1]



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