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A telephone, also called a 'phone', is a telecommunication device which is used to transmit and receive sound simultaneously. Telephone or phone may also refer to:


  • Camera phone, a mobile phone that is also able to capture either still photographs or video
  • Cordless telephone, a telephone with a wireless handset that communicates via radio waves to its base station
  • Mobile phone, (a.k.a. a 'cell', 'cellphone' or 'mobile') is a wireless telecommunications device used for phone and data calls over a cellular network
  • Radiotelephone, (a.k.a. a 'radiophone') a telephone that allows two or more people to talk via radio, often referring to an older radio telephone system that predated modern mobile (cellular) phones
  • Softphone, a software program for making telephone calls over the Internet using computers
  • Telephone (application), a softphone telecommunication app for Mac OS X, by Alexei Kuznetsov
  • Tin can telephone, a type of voice-transmitting device usually made from two tin cans and string or wire
  • Videophone, telephones with video displays, which enable their users to see each other as well in real time

Social and cultural:

  • Chinese whispers (a.k.a. Telephone, Broken Telephone, Le téléphone arabe, Wisper Down The Lane, or the Telephone Game), a children's game often played at parties or at a playground

In music, film and the arts:


  • Speaking tube, a non-electrical communication device using two cones connected by an air pipe; users take turns talking and listening