List of television stations in Quintana Roo

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The following is a list of all IFT-licensed over-the-air television stations broadcasting in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.[1] There are 17 television stations in Quintana Roo which are independent or affiliated to at least one Televisa, TV Azteca, SQCS, or Canal Once network.


Network Stations
Azteca Trece 3
Las Estrellas 3
Imagen Televisión 1
Canal 5 2
Azteca 7 2
Gala TV 1
SPR/Canal Once 2
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Televisa local 1
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1In December 2016, the Quintana Roo state government received new concessions to resume broadcasting to Cancún and Chetumal. Only the Felipe Carrillo Puerto transmitter survived a permit discontinuity.

List of television stations[edit]

RF VC Callsign Location Network/name ERP Concessionaire/permittee
28 1 XHCCQ-TDT Cancún
Playa del Carmen
Azteca 13
38.74 kW
52.97 kW
Televisión Azteca
21 2 XHCCN-TDT Cancún
Playa del Carmen
Las Estrellas 60 kW
20 kW[2]
Radiotelevisora de México Norte
22 3 XHCTCN-TDT Cancún Imagen Televisión 60 kW[3] Cadena Tres I, S.A. de C.V.
27 5 XHQRO-TDT Cancún
Playa del Carmen
Canal 5
(Gala TV[4])
60 kW
20 kW[5]
25 7 XHAQR-TDT Cancún
Playa del Carmen
Azteca 7 38.97 kW
53.08 kW
Televisión Azteca
39 8 XHCCU-TDT Cancún
Playa del Carmen
20 kW[6]
Televisora de Cancún (Grupo SIPSE)
29 XHSPQ-TDT Cancún Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano
23 1 XHBX-TDT Chetumal Azteca 13
8.54 kW Televisión Azteca
27 2 XHCHF-TDT Chetumal Las Estrellas 28 kW Radiotelevisora de México Norte
29 5 XHCQR-TDT Chetumal Canal 5
28 kW Televimex
26 7 XHCQO-TDT Chetumal Azteca 7 8.52 kW Televisión Azteca
25 XHSPJ-TDT Chetumal Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano
30 2/5 XHCOQ-TDT Cozumel Las Estrellas
(Canal 5)
60 kW Televimex
23 11 XHCOZ-TDT Cozumel Local independent 0.15 kW[7] Patronato Pro-Televisión de Cozumel
25 1/7 XHPVC-TDT Felipe Carrillo Puerto Azteca 13
(Azteca 7)
4.53 kW Televisión Azteca
28 4 XHFCQ-TDT Felipe Carrillo Puerto SQCS 0.1 kW[8] Gobierno del Estado de Quintana Roo