Tajik–Afghan bridge at Tem-Demogan

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Tajik–Afghan bridge at Tem-Demogan
Bridge shughnan tj & shughnan af.jpg
Friendship bridge between Afghanistan and Tajikistan Across the Panj river in Region shughnon-shughnan
Carries Commercial and passenger vehicles up to 25 metric tonnes
Crosses Panj River
Locale Shughnon, Tajikistan / Shughnan, Afghanistan
Design Suspension bridge
Total length 135 metres
Width 3.5 metres
Opened 3 November 2002

The Tajik–Afghan bridge at Tem-Demogan was opened on 3 November 2002.[1][2][3][4] It spans the Panj River. It was the first of four bridges planned to be built with the assistance of the Aga Khan Foundation.

Tem is a microdistrict of Khorugh,[5] in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province, Tajikistan, which is very sparsely settled. Many of the inhabitants there are Ismaili muslims, followers of the Aga Khan.

Demogan is a location in Afghanistan.

The bridge cost $400,000.[1]

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Coordinates: 37°31′27″N 71°30′28″E / 37.52417°N 71.50778°E / 37.52417; 71.50778