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Automotive industry in Thailand[edit]

  • Comment: Newly created WP:AfC submission moved over to the article space on January 19, 2013. Unfortunately the article was created in a sandbox before being moved over to AfC so the edit history as far back as 2010 went with it (if an admin can fix). Source is Thailand Business News plus two others. It should be noted that figures for 2012 are expected to be released putting Thailand in the top 10. I'm not sure if its worth waiting to make the DYK more statistically noteworthy (but then again the DYK nomination time limit may pass by that time).

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  • Symbol confirmed.svgEverything checks out. The OICA statistics back up the hook claim. The article is long enough, well-written, etc. --Carabinieri (talk) 03:58, 16 February 2013 (UTC)