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The purpose of this page is to centralise the various lists of topics that are presently under Arbitration Discretionary Sanctions. There are three such lists:

  1. The human-readable list of sanctions of the form Pages relating to <affected articles> (<link to arbitration case>) – <Additional notes about the sanctions>
  2. The list of links to any final decisions that contain remedies which authorise discretionary sanctions for the given topic area, and
  3. The list of affected articles.

Lists (2) and (3) are primarily used on templates used to give "warnings" of the existence of discretionary sanctions or to serve notice to an editor who has actually been sanctioned. Please see here for an automatically-produced list of pages on which this template is used. Due to the ugly output of the list, this template deliberately appears blank. When new discretionary sanctions are authorised, the Arbitration Committee's clerks need only update this list and Template:Uw-sanctions/usage (excluding Wikipedia:General sanctions and other very large lists that cannot be included in this template).


The template takes one parameter, the value for which depends on the type of list you want to return. Corresponding to the three lists specified in #Overview, the acceptable values for this parameter are |sanctions scope=, |sanctions link=, and |list=. For example:

  • {{Ds/topics|sanctions scope}} would return a list containing items of the format:
  • {{Ds/topics|sanctions link}}:
    • Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/Article titles and capitalisation (plain text, not linked)
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