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Seaford Line
BSicon STRq.svg Broad gauge, BSicon uSTRq.svg Standard gauge (freight or tram)
0 km
Adelaide BSicon TRAM.svg Aiga bus trans.svg
Montefiore Road
City West
West Terrace
Adelaide Depot (closed 2011)
Port Road, Adelaide
Glover Avenue
Holdfast Bay line (closed 1929)
2.0 km
Mile End
Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Adelaide
Mile End Goods (closed 1994)
Adelaide Parklands Terminal BSicon LDER.svg
Keswick (closed 2013)
Anzac Highway, Adelaide
4.0 km
Adelaide Showground
Leader Street
5.0 km
Goodwood BSicon exLDER.svg
Victoria Street
East Avenue
6.3 km
Clarence Park
7.1 km
Cross Road (level crossing) Cross Road, Adelaide
South Road (overpass) South Road
7.9 km
De Laine Avenue
Angus Avenue
Raglan Avenue
9.1 km
Woodlands Park Aiga bus trans.svg
Dunorlan Road
10.2 km
Ascot Park
Marion Road
11.4 km
Oaklands (original; closed 2008)
12.9 km
Oaklands Aiga bus trans.svg
Diagonal Road/Morphett Road
13.7 km
14.6 km
Brighton Road
Australian Alphanumeric State Route A15.svg
Jetty Road
Brighton (original; closed 1976)
16.0 km
Brighton Aiga bus trans.svg
Edwards Street
Shoreham Road
South Brighton (closed 1976)
17.1 km
Seacliff (to Adelaide) Aiga bus trans.svg
Wheatland Road
17.2 km
Seacliff (to Seaford)
Maitland Terrace
Singleton Road
18.3 km
Marino Aiga bus trans.svg
Jervois Terrace
18.9 km
Marino Rocks
21.4 km
Hallett Cove Aiga bus trans.svg
Hallett Cove (original; closed 1974)
Willunga line via Reynella and Morphett Vale (closed 1969)
The Cove Road
22.9 km
Hallett Cove Beach Aiga bus trans.svg
Grand Central Avenue
Meyer Road
Christie Road
Port Stanvac siding (closed)
Lonsdale Depot
26.7 km
Dyson Road
Australian Alphanumeric State Route A15.svg
O'Sullivan Beach Road
Christie Creek
Flaxmill Road
28.9 km
Christie Downs Aiga bus trans.svg
Elizabeth Road
Christie Downs (original; closed 1978)
Beach Road
Hannah Road
30.2 km
Noarlunga Centre Aiga bus trans.svg
Goldsmith Drive
Old Honeypot Road
River Road
Seaford Meadows Depot
34.7 km
Seaford Meadows
Willunga line
to Adelaide
(closed 1969)
Seaford Road
Lynton Terrace
36.0 km
Seaford Aiga bus trans.svg
Willunga line (closed 1969)

This is a route-map template for the Seaford railway line, a suburban commuter line in Adelaide, Australia.