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This template should be substituted on the article talk page.

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To request a Peer review, edit the article talk page, add

{{subst:Peer review}}

to the top of the page, and save the page. This will create a template with a link to a new peer review page for the article. Follow this link, and add your request in the edit box as instructed. Save the page and your peer review request will be listed within an hour. This template adds articles to Category:Requests for peer review. This will create a copy of this template with a link to a new peer review discussion page as follows:

Following one of the links opens an edit box for a new peer review discussion page with some preloaded text (from {{Peer review/preload}}) and some instructions (from {{Peer review/editintro}}) on how to complete the request. Once this page is created, the peer review template changes to provide a link to the request:

However, you may need to bypass the cached version of the article talk page to see this change.

Custom usage

To use the template without automatically finding the archive number, these parameters may be added.

  • archive=

If the archive number is greater than 10, you will need to specify archive=N, with N the next free archive number

  • page=

If the articles name for the peer review and talk page do not match, use this to specify the name of the article used in the peer review title.

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