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This template populates Category:Talk pages of pages converted to redirects and, if the subject page is not a redirect or if the talk page itself is a redirect, then Category:Pages with incorrectly transcluded templates is also populated by default and should be kept empty. Place this template on the talk pages of redirects when the content and history of the talk pages and/or the history of the subject pages are to be preserved. Both the target page and its talk page are automatically displayed.

If no talk page exists or if the talk page redirects to another page, then there is no need to use this template. If a talk page already exists, does not redirect to another page and has any content, then position this template at the top of the talk page as follows:

{{Talk page of redirect}}


  • This template has two optional named parameters:
{{Talk page of redirect|othertalk=(alternative talk page)}}
  • If the redirect was the result of a page merge, a |merge=yes parameter may also be included:
{{Talk page of redirect|merge=yes}}

Othertalk parameter

|othertalk= is for an alternative talk page where future discussions should take place. Use this parameter when you want to suppress the talk page of the redirect's target in the following manner:
{{Talk page of redirect|othertalk=Wikipedia talk:Citing sources}}

Merge parameter

Add |merge=yes to show that the redirect was the result of a page merge as follows:
{{Talk page of redirect|merge=yes}}

Not a redirect

If the subject page of a talk page is not a redirect, then the following box will be displayed:
Note: If this template is on the talk page of a redirect that is converted into an article, a project page, etc., then the above error template will automatically replace the normal talk-page-of-redirect box. The talk page will then be sorted to a monitored maintenance category, and this template may be removed from the talk page.

Itself a redirect

If the talk page itself redirects to another page, then the following will be displayed:
If the redirected talk page is saved with this template, then it will be sorted to a maintenance category. Editors who monitor that category may watch for incorrect usage and remove this template when necessary.
Note: If for any reason this template is added to a talk-page redirect, which will change the page from a redirect to an actual talk page, this template will still sense the page as a redirect when you preview the edit. In a case like that, this template will show this error and not appear normal until the edit is actually saved.


Remember please not to use this template to change an existing talk-page redirect into a talk page. This template should only be used on talk pages that have already been created with at least one project banner, one discussion or one deletion-discussion notice. Also, editors must never create new talk pages just to tag them with this template.

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