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Place this template on the talk pages of redirects when the content and history of the talk pages and/or the history of the subject pages are to be preserved. Typically, if no talk page exists or if the talk page redirects to another page, then there is no need to use this template. If a talk page already exists, does not already redirect to another page and has any content, then use this template at the top of the talk page.


This template has three parameters:
{{Talk page of redirect|1=TARGET PAGE|2=OTHER TALK PAGE)}}
If the redirect was the result of a merge, a merge=yes parameter can be included as well:
{{Talk page of redirect|1=TARGET PAGE|2=OTHER TALK PAGE|merge=yes)}}

1st parameter
TARGET PAGE is the page name of the target of the redirect. If no value is entered here, this field will show up as the text "elsewhere". If the first parameter is used on a redirected article's talk page, then the template will appear as follows:
{{Talk page of redirect|Castle#Keep}}
Note that if the redirect has targeted a section, the entire link, including the section, may be used. If the redirect targets any other namespace, then the template will appear in a similar manner as follows:
{{Talk page of redirect|Portal:Oregon)}}
{{Talk page of redirect|File:Torre dei Becci, June 2013.jpg}}

2nd parameter
OTHER TALK PAGE is a different talk page where future discussions should take place. Use this parameter when you want to suppress the talk page of the 1st parameter or if the 1st parameter is not needed.
{{Talk page of redirect|Wikipedia:Manual of Style|Wikipedia talk:Citing sources}}
{{Talk page of redirect||Help talk:Contents}}
(Note the empty 1st parameter enclosed by pipes.)

merge=yes parameter
Add merge=yes to include text that shows the redirect was the result of a page merge complete with link.
{{Talk page of redirect|Wikipedia:Protection policy#Semi-protection|merge=yes}}

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