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{{WikiProject Skyscrapers
|small = 
|attention =
|unref =
|Imageneeded =
|needs-infobox =
|peer-review =
|old-peer-review =
|class = 
|importance = 

Shorter one-line version:

{{WikiProject Skyscrapers|class=|importance=}}

Most of the variables take yes or no as values.

  • small: Yes here will use a shorter version of the template.
  • attention: Yes will indicate that the article the template is placed on needs immediate attention.
  • unref: Yes will display a message stating that the article lacks sufficient references or adequate inline citations.
  • Imageneeded: Yes will announce the need for an image.
  • needs-infobox: Yes will announce the need for an infobox.
  • peer-review: Yes will display a message that a request has been made for a peer-review, as well as link to the location of the request.
  • old-peer-review: Yes will display a link to the archived peer-review.

The two variables that don't take yes or no values are class and importance. The class variable will take any of the values in the label column below:

WikiProject article quality grading scheme

Non-standard classes:


Other WikiProject assessments [
Label Criteria Reader's experience Editor's experience Example
An article that meets the definition of a Stand-alone List. It should contain many wikilinks, with descriptions. There is no one way to make a list, but it should be logical and useful to the reader. Lists can be anything from a stub to a Featured List. List of aikidoka (as of June 2007)
Any disambiguation page falls under this class. The page directs the reader to other pages of the same title. Additions should be made as new articles of that name are created. Aa River (as of June 2008)
An article page that should exist, but does not. The page does not exist or is a redirect. An appropriate article should be created on the subject. Lake effect (as of April 2007)
Any non-article page that does not fit into any other category. The page does not have article content. May or may not apply, depending on the type of page. Square knot (as of November 2006)

The importance variable will take the following values: top, high, mid, low and N/A.

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