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In reference to ALL the elements, you may need to adjust the template you use. I didn't know where to find the definitional template controlling the display of physical quantities for the elements, the point is that you have a naming error, as follows:

For mercury you name "Specific Heat Capacity" but you actually give the value for the Molar Heat Capacity (with units stated.) The figure should be 139.503 J K-1 Kg-1 because, as the Wikipedia page on Specific Heat Capacity indicates, this is in reference to Kilograms of substance, not Moles.

The quick fix is to just rename this as Molar Heat Capacity when mol-1 is used in the units (which I assume is uniformly always.)

The better fix is to leave Specific alone (it's likely the more sought quantity), but recompute it in the correct units for the title, J K-1 Kg-1.

For completeness you should correct the value and units given for Specific Heat Capacity, and add Molar Heat Capacity with the value formerly supplied in the Specific field.


Thank you. I chose the quick way and renamed the header to "molar heat capacity". This unit is not uncommon and is used by CRC, for example. Materialscientist (talk) 06:32, 23 June 2011 (UTC)