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Teratophilia refers to the sexual attraction to either monsters - from the Victorian penchant for mummy erotica[1] to the Babadook,[2] or to the attraction to deformed people. The word comes from the greek τέρας meaning monster and φιλία meaning love.[3][4]

In general[edit]

Teratophilia is classified as paraphilia. Rather than view the condition as a kink, defenders of teratophilia believe it allows people to see beauty outside of societal standards.[5] Among other things it has been suggested, that monsters can function as an escapist fantasy for some straight women since the monster is able to embody masculine attributes without presenting itself as a man, which may embody trauma and terror in extreme cases, or aggravating patriarchal arrangements in the least.[6]



The focus is on wide range of monsters from krampus to Pennywise from the movie It.[7][8]

In 2017 the monster from the The Shape of Water became popular. Amphibian Man is regarded as one of the more gentle monsters. The reaction to the creature has led to attempts by some dildo manufacturers to recreate the genitalia of the Amphibian Man.[9][10]

The symbiote from Venom has gained substantial traction after the film's release in 2018. Venom "stans" received some media attention in 2019 after they took stance against people with rush on Ted Bundy. The conflict has gotten so much traction online that even Marvel Comics' Venom writer Donny Cates has weighed in.[11][12]

Mothman is also a subject of teratophilia online. Brian David Gilbert (of Polygon) states that "Everyone thinks the mothman is pretty sexy."[13]


Bigfoot erotica has entered the general consciousness after many news outlets, including CNN and BBC, published an article about incident that happened on twitter. Virginia Democratic Congressional 2018 candidate Leslie Cockburn tweeted about her opponent Denver Riggleman being a devotee of Bigfoot erotica. Cockburn used picture of naked Bigfoot from Riggleman's instagram as a proof. Riggleman denied all accusations.[14][15] Dr. Chuck Tingle, two time Hugo award finalist, wrote a story about the incident. The story is called 'Don’t Vote For Virginia Congressional Hopeful Denber Wiggleman Because He Is Full Of Hate, Not Because Bigfoot Makes Him Hard'.[16] Some popular Bigfoot erotica titles include Cum for Bigfoot, Boffing Bigfoot, Savage Love, Bigfoot Did Me From Behind And I Liked It, The Butt Files - The Case Of Bigfoot's Weiner, Seduced by Bigfoot and Ravaged by the Yeti: The Secret Adventures of a Fertile Housewife.[16][17][18]

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