Tereshka River

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Bolshaya Tereshka River
Tereshka in the Podgorny District.
Origin Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russia
Mouth Volgograd Reservoir, Volga, near Marks
Basin countries Russia
Length 213 km (132 mi)
Avg. discharge 17.5 m3/s (620 cu ft/s) recorded 46 km (29 mi) from mouth
Basin area 9,710 km2 (3,750 sq mi)

The Bolshaya Tereshka (Russian: Большая Терешка) or simply Tereshka is a river in the Ulyanovsk and Saratov oblasts of the Russian Federation, a right tributary of the Volga River. The Tereshka is 213 kilometres (132 mi) long, and its watershed covers 9,710 square kilometres (3,750 sq mi). It begins in the Privolzhskaya Hills and flows to the Volgograd Reservoir. Ice on the Tereshka forms in November or December and thaws in March or April.

Coordinates: 51°49′1″N 46°32′33″E / 51.81694°N 46.54250°E / 51.81694; 46.54250