Tezcatlan Miyahuatzin

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Tezcatlan Miyahuatzin
Residence Tenochtitlan
Title Queen of Tenochtitlan
Spouse(s) Acamapichtli
Children Huitzilihuitl
Parent(s) Acacitli

Tezcatlan Miyahuatzin (fl. 14th century) was the second Queen of Tenochtitlan.

Tezcatlan Miyahuatzin was a daughter of Acacitli. She married Acamapichtli, the first king of Tenochtitlan. She was a mother of his successor Huitzilihuitl and grandmother of kings Chimalpopoca and Moctezuma I and princes Tlacaelel and Huehue Zaca. Her son had many more children, so she had many more grandchildren. She lived in a harmony with Ilancueitl, Acamapichtli's first wife.

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