Thavius Beck

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Thavius Beck
Thavius Beck - Low End Theory 2009.jpg
Thavius Beck performing live at Low End Theory in 2009
Background information
Also known as Adlib
Born 1979 (age 36–37)
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Hip hop, electronic
Occupation(s) Producer, rapper
Instruments Sampler, saxophone, bass guitar
Years active 1996–present
Labels Mush Records, Big Dada, Plug Research
Associated acts Global Phlowtations, Lab Waste, Subtitle, Saul Williams, Nocando, K-the-I???

Thavius Beck (born 1979) is an electronic musician, producer and rapper based in Los Angeles, California. He was a member of the Global Phlowtations collective.[1] He has also put out solo releases under the moniker Adlib.[2] He is a certified trainer of Ableton Live.[3] He has collaborated with a number of artists such as Saul Williams, Nine Inch Nails, Nas, Subtitle, K-the-I???, Busdriver and Nocando.[4]


Thavius Beck is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He moved to Los Angeles, California when he was 16.[5]

In 2004, Thavius Beck released the solo album, Decomposition, on Mush Records.[6] The track "To Make Manifest" from Decomposition appeared on the SuicideGirls: The First Tour video.[7] In 2005, he released an album, Zwarte Achtegrond (which means "black background" in the Dutch language), in collaboration with fellow Los Angeles rapper Subtitle under the group name Lab Waste.[8]

In 2006, Thavius Beck released the solo album, Thru, on Mush Records.[9] In 2007, he contributed a remix of "Survivalism" for Nine Inch Nails, as well as producing several tracks for Saul Williams on The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!.[10]

In 2008, Thavius Beck entirely produced an album, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, for fellow Mush Records rapper K-the-I???.[11]

Thavius Beck's third solo album, Dialogue, was released in 2009.[12][13] He released The Most Beautiful Ugly on Plug Research in 2012.[14]


Thavius Beck[edit]

  • Give Us Free (2007)
  • Symphony of the Spheres (2012)
  • Urban Subsonic (2009)
  • The Heavens Bleed Sunshine (2012)
  • "Go!" b/w "Away" (2009)


  • Vs. (1998)
  • Tune In (1999)
  • Save Us (2000)
  • Experience Experiments (2000)
  • Operating the Generator (2000)
  • Advanced Sound Unit (2002)
  • Manipulator (2003)
  • International Beats (2005)
  • Two Eleven (2008)


Guest appearances[edit]


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