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Ascension or ascending may refer to:


  • Ascension (mystical), the belief in some religions that there are certain rare individuals that have ascended into Heaven directly without dying first
  • Ascension of Jesus, the bodily ascension of Jesus into heaven
    • Feast of the Ascension (Ascension day), an annual day of feast commemorating Jesus' ascension; a public holiday in several countries
  • The ascending of Muhammad to heaven known as Isra and Mi'raj
  • Ascension to heaven of Enoch (ancestor of Noah)
  • The Ascension, another title for the Old English poem Christ II
  • The Ascension, Lavender Hill, an Anglo-Catholic church situated on Lavender Hill, Battersea, South West London
  • Enlightenment (spiritual), including:
    • Ascended master, in Ascended Master Teachings a spiritually enlightened being who in past incarnations was an ordinary human, but who has undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations
    • In some New Age teachings the spiritual transformation of the Earth


Entertainment, arts[edit]






  • "Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)", by Maxwell from Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite, 1996
  • L'ascension, an orchestral suite by Olivier Messiaen
  • "Ascension," the only song featured in the 1966 John Coltrane album Ascension
  • "Ascension," a song by Enslaved from Isa, 2004
  • "The Ascension", an introductory track for the band Manowar's "King of Kings" single
  • "Ascension", by John Frusciante from Curtains, 2005
  • "Ascension", by Mac Miller from GO:OD AM, 2015



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