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The Atomic Sub is a superhero published by Big Bang Comics, who first appeared in Big Bang #1 of the original miniseries by Caliber Press.

Fictional character biography[edit]

In 1940, Dr. Noah Talbot was experimenting with Hydro-Glycerine on his test-monkey, Bubbles. The Hydro-Glycerine converted the blood so it would draw oxygen from water rather than from air. Those with Hydro-Glycerine could only stay out of the water for one hour.

Unfortunately, Bubbles' panic attack left Dr. Talbot weak, and his granddaughter (Who would later become Moray of the Whiz Kids) transferred his brain into an android body. From that day onward, Noah Talbot was the Human Sub (though this was changed to the Atomic Sub after the war).


After World War II, the Atomic Sub became a member of the Roundtable of America with Knight Watchman and Ultiman. During the Criss-Cross Crisis (In which Earths A and B came into contact with one another), The Atomic Sub bravely sacrificed himself to save the two Earths, and was respected as a hero on both worlds.


In the distant future, the remains of the Atomic Sub were used to construct the cyborg known as Bezerker.

Powers and abilities[edit]

As well as super-strength and flight, the Atomic Sub could travel at great speeds underwater. He could only stay out of water for one hour initially, but his upgraded suit allowed him to remain out of the water for longer periods.