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The Conservative Woman
Type of site
Available in English
Commercial No
Launched March 2014 (2 years ago) (2014-03)
Current status Active

The Conservative Woman[1] is a UK-based political website started in 2014 to provide a new voice for social conservatism.


Writing for ConservativeHome on launch day, co-editor Kathy Gyngell said "the purpose and the strength of The Conservative Woman is that it provides a platform for all (men and women) who wish to challenge this pervasive Left-feminist agenda".[2]

An article for the Daily Mail said the site "will promote the values of stable family life and question the growing takeover of childhood by the state".[3]

The Mail on Sunday's Peter Hitchens wrote "the interesting group of women who are writing and editing this blog have set out to demonstrate a very important thing, that to be female, and interested in politics, is not automatically to be a social revolutionary".[4]

Conservative MP, Nadine Dorries, said the website "represents an army of women who will have their voice heard."[5]


The Conservative Woman was launched by co-editors Kathy Gyngell and Laura Perrins.

Kathy Gyngell[edit]

Kathy Gyngell is a co-editor of The Conservative Woman. She is also a Research Fellow of the Centre for Policy Studies.[6]

She researched and wrote the Addictions reports for the Conservative Party's Social Justice Policy Review publications Breakdown Britain (2006) and Breakthrough Britain (2007). She published further critiques of drug policy, The Phoney War on Drugs (2009) and Breaking the Habit (2011). She writes frequently for the Daily Mail[7] and has written for The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph, The Times and the Evening Standard.

She is a graduate of both Cambridge and Oxford universities. She has worked at London Weekend Television and TV-am where she was features editor. She has two adult sons and is a trustee of the drugs-prevention charity Cannabis and Skunk Sense.

Laura Perrins[edit]

Laura Perrins is a co-editor of The Conservative Woman. She is a former barrister, campaigns for Mothers at Home Matter[8][9] and has written for The Daily Telegraph,[10] the Daily Mail, ConservativeHome[11] and The Catholic Herald.[12]

She maintains a passion for the criminal law and tutors first years in the subject at University College London.


Former Conservative Party leadership contender David Davis, Conservative MP Tim Loughton, economist Ruth Lea, social commentator Jill Kirby and UK Independence Party Member of the European Parliament Gerard Batten are among a long list of right-wing commentators who have written for the website.

The Conservative Woman lists its other regular contributors on its website.