The Devil's Half-Acre, Pennsylvania

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The Devil's Half-Acre is a parcel of land in Solebury Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.[1] It is a popular tourist location with people travelling along the Delaware River visiting the older towns and villages.


Heading north from New Hope and Lumberville on Route 32, which tracks the Delaware River, The Devil's Half-Acre is on the right-hand side between the river and the Pennsylvania Canal. It is just south of Dark Hollow Road and Ringing Rocks Park a mile south of Old Ferry Road from Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania.


The sole building that exists on The Devil's Half-Acre is a tavern that was built in 1800 when the Pennsylvania Canal was being dug. The original owner of the building ran the tavern illegally and it was frequently in trouble with authorities. Current legend holds that it is haunted by the ghosts of canal workers that were killed during drunken brawls. The owner, fearing further trouble with the law, would bury the recently killed laborers in shallow graves behind the tavern.

It is popular with ghost tours in Bucks County due to its history.

Half Acre Beer Company in Chicago, IL is named after this site. The brewery's founders grew up nearby.

A similar name in Bangor, Maine[edit]

The area of Bangor, Maine which was in the 19th century the stamping grounds of sailors and loggers also came to be known as The Devil's Half-Acre.


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