The Dismissal (miniseries)

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The Dismissal
Written by Terry Hayes
Starring Max Phipps
John Stanton
John Meillon
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
Production company(s) Kennedy Miller
Budget $2.6 million[1]
Original network Network Ten
Original release 6 March 1983

The Dismissal is an Australian television miniseries, first screened in 1983, that dramatised the events of the 1975 Australian constitutional crisis.

It was partly written and directed by the noted film makers George Miller and Phillip Noyce as well as Mad Max screenwriter Terry Hayes, with cinematography by Dean Semler.

The miniseries comprised six one-hour episodes. It was originally broadcast by Network Ten, beginning on 6 March 1983 (the day after the 1983 federal election), and was also broadcast in the United Kingdom.

It was voted the 19th-best Australian television show on the 50 Years 50 Shows list.

In the 1970s there were several attempts to make a film based on the same story called King Hit written by Erwin Rado and Bruce Grant. Phillip Noyce and Paul Cox were both attached as directors for a time.[2]



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