The English School (Colegio de Inglaterra)

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Fundación Colegio de Inglaterra, The English School
English School Logo
Calle 170 #15-68[1]
Bogotá, D.C
Colombia Colombia
Coordinates 4°45′00″N 74°02′18″W / 4.749935°N 74.038453°W / 4.749935; -74.038453
Type Private School
Established 1961
Founder Elisabeth Masson
Rector Jeff Shaw (
Teaching staff 185 .[2]
Grades Preschool - 11
Gender Mixed-sex education[2]
Enrollment 1690 [2]
Houses Lion, Phoenix, Unicorn and Dragon
Student Union/Association Student Council of The English School
Colour(s) Blue, Red and white               
Athletics Football, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, Track and field, Table tennis
Mascot Lion
Nickname English, TES
Accreditation EFQM Quality School Certification
National ranking 12
ICFES average Muy Superior [2][1]
Newspaper Tiempo de Papel
Yearbook Huts
Alumni Association AEXTES
Parents Association TESPAS

The English School (Fundación Colegio de Inglaterra) is an elite private[1] school in Bogotá, Colombia. It's one of Colombia's most expensive and prestigious private schools. It offers the full International Baccalaureate program:[3] the IB Primary Years Programme, IB Middle Years Programme and IB Diploma Programme. It is one of Colombia's highest ranking and most exclusive private trilingual schools by teaching English, Spanish and French. The School was founded by Elisabeth Masson in 1961 to offer an excellent British education to Colombian elite. It was also one of the first schools in Colombia to have IB certification.

The school is divided into three levels: Preschool (ages 4–7), Primary education (ages 8–11) and Baccalaureate (ages 12–18). Baccalaureate is divided into Middle School (grades 5-8) and High School (grades 9-11).

The school belongs to the UNCOLI Organization.[1][4] The UNCOLI is an organization of international schools in Bogotá.[5] They are the governing body of all inter-school competitions and provide the organizational support for sporting, academic and artistic events among the schools.

Most classes are taught in English since kindergarten giving great opportunities for kids to develop their writing and speaking abilities quickly. French is taught from fourth to eleventh grade giving the chance for kids to graduate with excellence in the French language. Students can get very high levels in both English and French which can give them great opportunities in the future. Finally, students can have a great sense of internationalism by learning tolerance and open mindedness.


TESMUN is the English School's Model United Nations.[6] TES students had been participating for years in MUN activities until in 2004, a group of students, under the leadership of humanities department,[6] created The English School Model of United Nations (TESMUN I), a small event inside school whose participants were only TES students. Since TESMUN I, the event has been repeated annually. Since 2006 TESMUN III, the event has included students from different schools as participants, and since 2007, the event has had so many participants that it has had to be organized outside the school in convention centers. Currently, TESMUN is organized annually in the Compensar Convention Center and includes participation of more than 800 students from schools all over the country, actually being the biggest MUN event in Colombia. Currently TESMUN IX hosts students from international organizations, these students come from countries such as: Ecuador and Chile. Recently, TESMUN XIII hosted a delegation of students from La Guajira and had a conference with former Interior Minister Juan Fernando Cristo.


The school belongs to the UNCOLI (Union of International Schools in Bogotá) Association.[8] Students are encouraged to participate in athletics from a young age, especially in Football, basketball, volleyball and track and field competitions. Competitive tournaments with other UNCOLI schools are available in the following age categories:

  • Mayores (Grades 11 and 10)
  • Juvenil (Grades 9 and 8)
  • Infantil (Grades 7 and 6)
  • Pre-Infantil (Grades 5 and 4)
  • Benjamines (Grade 3, non-sanctioned)

The school is divided into houses for internal competitions. Houses are chosen randomly at the grade of kindergarten, there are four different houses: Lion, Phoenix, Unicorn and Dragon. Students get the opportunity to win points for their houses during sport competitions or answering correctly in class, teachers of all subjects can award points to students. At the end of the year the house with the most points gets a trophy to display in their trophy shelve.

Notable alumni[edit]


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