The Far Frontier

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The Far Frontier
Starring Roy Rogers
Release date
Country United States
Language English

The Far Frontier is a 1948 American film western starring Roy Rogers.


Tom Sharper of the border patrol stops a truck to inspect its cargo. He is knocked cold by the drivers, who report back to their boss, Bart Carroll.

Coming from a cattle drive, rancher Roy Rogers hopes to visit his old friend Tom, but he's not there. Tom's dad is a former marshal who has tangled before with store owner Willis Newcomb, who is masterminding a scheme to transport U.S. criminal fugitives from Mexico prisons across the border.

Tom has amnesia. Bart decides to frame Tom by shooting a rancher with Tom's gun. He becomes the object of a manhunt, but Roy finds him first and is able to restore Tom's memory. Together, they fight Bart and Newcomb, and after it appears Tom has been killed by going over a cliff in a barrel, Roy saves the day and discovers that Tom is safe.


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