The Feeding (album)

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The Feeding
Studio album by American Head Charge
Released February 15, 2005
Recorded Early summer, 2004
Genre Industrial metal, nu metal, alternative metal
Length 45:34
Label DRT Entertainment/Nitrus
Producer Greg Fidelman
American Head Charge chronology
The War of Art
The Feeding
Can't Stop the Machine

The Feeding is the third album by the metal band American Head Charge.

Album information[edit]

The Feeding was recorded after a two-year exile, and with the band experiencing internal tumult and personal demons. It is the only album with Bryan Ottoson on guitar. The song "Cowards", appears on the Ultimate Fighting Championship compilation album Ultimate Beatdowns Vol. 1.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Classic Rock 4/5 stars[1]
Sea of Tranquility 4/5 stars[2]
Kerrang [3]

The Feeding sold over 100,000 copies and received positive reviews.[4]

Track listing[edit]

The Feeding
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Loyalty" Justin Fouler, Cameron Heacock, Bryan Ottoson 3.27
2. "Pledge Allegiance" Chad Hanks, Heacock, Fouler 3:23
3. "Dirty" Chad Hanks, Heacock, Chris Emery, Fouler, Ottoson 3:27
4. "Ridicule" Hanks, Greg Fidelman, Heacock, Ottoson 4:48
5. "Take What I've Taken" Hanks, Fidelman, Fouler, Heacock, Ottoson 4:43
6. "Leave Me Alone" Hanks, Emery, Fidelman, Heacock, Ottoson 3:00
7. "Walk Away" Hanks, Heacock 3:38
8. "Erratic" Hanks, Heacock 3:22
9. "Fiend" Hanks, Emery, Fidelman, Fouler, Heacock, Ottoson 4:20
10. "Cowards" Hanks, Fouler, Heacock, Ottoson 2:51
11. "To Be Me" Hanks, Fouler, Heacock, Ottoson 4:43
12. "Downstream" (UK bonus track.) Hanks, Heacock, Ottoson 3:52

Music videography[edit]

Video Still Release Date Song Director Label Additional Information
Loyalty Mike Sloat DRT Entertainment/Nitrus Records First official music video release taken from "The Feeding".



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