The Fighting Marine

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The Fighting Marine
Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet
Written by Frank Leon Smith
Starring Gene Tunney
Marjorie Day
Distributed by Pathé Exchange
Release date
  • September 12, 1926 (1926-09-12)
Running time
10 episodes
Country United States
Language Silent

The Fighting Marine is a 1926 American drama film serial directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet, and featured the only screen performance by the boxing heavyweight champion, Gene Tunney.[1] The film is now considered to be lost.[2]


  • Gene Tunney as Dick Farrington
  • Marjorie Day as Lady Chatfield
  • Walter Miller as Larry Stuart
  • Virginia Vance as Ruby
  • Sherman Ross as Charles Vellard
  • Anna Mae Walthall as Mazzie
  • Wally Oettel as Roger Poole
  • Jack Anthony as Matt
  • Mike Donlin
  • David Dunbar
  • Joseph North (as Joe North)
  • W.J. Allen
  • Ben Walker
  • Bert Gardner
  • Frank Hagney

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