The Galvatrons

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The Galvatrons
Origin Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Genres Rock, electronica, electronic rock
Years active 2007 - present
Labels Warner Music
Members Johnny "Galvatron"
Pete "Gamma"
Pete Convery "Condor"
Robert Convery "Bozza"
Lee Hartney

The Galvatrons are a four-piece rock band who formed on 28 August 2007, in Geelong, Australia.[1] Lead singer Johnny Galvatron stated on radio station 101.3 Sea FM on the Central Coast that the band got their name from the 1986 animated film Transformers. The Galvatrons cite their influences as Devo, Stan Bush, Australian Crawl, Van Halen, Lion, Cheap Trick, Kim Wilde, Queen, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, Kenny Loggins, Tears for Fears and Gary Numan.[2] The band have completed their debut album, as announced via their MySpace, which was released 3 July 2009.


2007-2008: When We Were Kids[edit]

The band's first taste of mainstream success was with the release of their debut single, When We Were Kids. The single was released from their debut EP, also titled When We Were Kids. It was released by Warner Music Australia on 3 May 2008.[3] The title track was the number one most added track on radio in Australia for the week 19–26 April 2008.[4] They played the Big Day Out, Meredith and Cherry Rock festivals in summer 2007/2008[4] and are touring Australia throughout 2008. They then played a festival tour in the United Kingdom alongside The Police at London's Hyde Park where they were evicted from the concert after allegedly singing Metallica songs loudly in the room next door to Sting.[4][5]

On 1 November 2008 Johnny Galvatron appeared on the TV show RocKwiz . He performed Toto's "Hold the Line" as a duet with Wendy Matthews.

Beginning in Perth on 31 October 2008, The Galvatrons were support act for Def Leppard and Cheap Trick during Def Leppard's Songs From The Sparkle Lounge Australian tour. The show ran from late October to mid November and had a total of 7 shows throughout the country. Alongside this tour, the band headed its own national tour known as the Robots Are Cool tour.

2009: Laser Graffiti & Robots Are Cool & Kids Are Easy[edit]

On 17 November 2008, The Galvatrons released a demo version of a new song which is rumoured to be a track from their upcoming debut album. The song was Robots Are Cool, which was a popular track played during their tour with Def Leppard and Cheap Trick. It was available as a free download via the band's official Myspace.

A few days following the demo release of Robots Are Cool, the band released a bulletin via Myspace stating work on their latest album would soon commence and will be ready for release by April 2009. Since then, the album has been completed and the release date pushed back to 3 July 2009. It is titled Laser Graffiti and front man Johnny Galvatron has stated "[The record] sounds like it's from the future". The album was received with good reviews, being described as "the ultimate rock party album." After touring extensively in 2009, The Galvatrons picked up a reputation amongst the Australian live music scene for having an energetic live performance.

2016: Galvatrons Reunion and new album[edit]

After a long hiatus the Galvatrons were interviewed by Harris Robotis on a late night episode of RAGE declaring they were back together and would be releasing a new album in the coming year. Johnny Galvatron was quoting as saying, "yeah i popped on the Transformers Movie from the 80's and realised there was a few guitar licks I hadn't been 'inspired'from and realised there's another whole albums worth of content in there so here we are." Gamma has been mastering the art of the one handed keyboard chord and has now perfected the art - using his other hand to powerfist the heavily synth laden air.


  • Johnny "Galvatron" - Vocals, Guitar
  • Robert Convery "Bozza" - Percussion
  • Pete Convery "OG Conepuller" - Bass
  • Pete "Gamma" - Keyboard/Synth



Year Title Chart Positions Album
2008 When We Were Kids 28 When We Were Kids (EP)
2009 Cassandra [6] 53 Laser Graffiti
She's In Love

Albums & EPs[edit]

Year Title Chart Positions
2008 When We Were Kids EP 28
2009 Laser Graffiti Album 61



When We Were Kids Tour

  • 19 April Frankston, Victoria
  • 20 April Melbourne, Victoria
  • 24 April Melbourne, Victoria
  • 25 April Geelong, Victoria
  • 26 April Maitland, New South Wales
  • 27 April Bondi, New South Wales
  • 30 April Bathurst, New South Wales
  • 1 May Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
  • 2 May Sydney, New South Wales
  • 3 May Sydney, New South Wales
  • 4 May Wyong, New South Wales
  • 9 May Brisbane, Queensland
  • 10 May Surfers Paradise, Queensland
  • 15 May Ballarat, Victoria
  • 16 May Adelaide, South Australia
  • 17 May Adelaide, South Australia
  • 22 May Bunbury, Western Australia
  • 23 May Fremantle, Western Australia
  • 24 May Perth, Western Australia
  • 29 May Hobart, Tasmania
  • 30 May Burnie, Tasmania
  • 31 May Launceston, Tasmania
  • 6 June Melbourne, Victoria
  • 7 June Sydney, New South Wales

Robots Are Cool Tour

  • 23 October Newcastle, New South Wales
  • 24 October Albury, New South Wales
  • 25 October Benalla, Victoria
  • 1 November Perth, Western Australia
  • 7 November Sydney, New South Wales
  • 8 November Melton, Victoria
  • 13 November Wollongong, New South Wales
  • 20 November Brisbane, Queensland
  • 21 November Gold Coast, Queensland
  • 22 November Sunshine Coast, Queensland
  • 23 November Byron Bay, New South Wales
  • 27 November Adelaide, South Australia
  • 28 November Melbourne, Victoria
  • 29 November Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Def Leppard - Songs From The Sparkle Lounge Tour (as support act)

  • 31 October Perth, Western Australia
  • 2 November Adelaide, South Australia
  • 3 November Melbourne, Victoria
  • 4 November Sydney, New South Wales
  • 7 November Newcastle, New South Wales
  • 8 November Brisbane, Queensland
  • 10 November Wollongong, New South Wales
  • 11 November Canberra, Australian Capital Territory


Cassandra Single Tour

  • 25 April Geelong, Victoria
  • 6 May Ballarat, Victoria
  • 8 May Melbourne, Victoria
  • 9 May Adelaide, South Australia
  • 13 May Melbourne, Victoria
  • 15 May Wollongong, New South Wales
  • 16 May Sydney, New South Wales
  • 21 May Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
  • 22 May Werribee, Victoria
  • 23 May Frankston, Victoria
  • 29 May Brisbane, Queensland
  • 30 May Gold Coast, Queensland
  • 6 June Laurieton, New South Wales

Laser Graffiti Album Tour

  • 2 October Melbourne, Victoria
  • 3 October Adelaide, South Australia
  • 4 October Elizabeth, South Australia
  • 10 October Brisbane, Queensland
  • 16 October Geelong, Victoria
  • 17 October Gold Coast, Queensland
  • 22 October Brisbane, Queensland
  • 23 October Coolangatta, Queensland
  • 24 October Byron Bay, New South Wales
  • 28 October Sydney, New South Wales
  • 29 October Castle Hill, New South Wales
  • 30 October Caringbah, New South Wales
  • 6 November Benalla, Victoria
  • 7 November Melbourne, Victoria


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