The Gopher Way

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A sign denoting the next stop along the Gopher Way in Johnston Hall.
The East River Road Garage is connected to Coffman Memorial Union and the rest of the Health area via the Gopher Way.

The Gopher Way is a system of discontinuous tunnels and skyways on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus which connects many buildings. The system is open during the normal business hours of the buildings it occupies, while some portions are open 24 hours a day. Access policies are posted at the entrances of connected buildings. It is one of three skyway/tunnel systems in the Twin Cities area. The other two occupy both downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul.

The system is segmented into five parts: the West Bank, the Knoll and western Mall area, the eastern Mall area (separated by Church Street), the Health and Gateway areas, and the St. Paul campus. Parking structures are also connected to the Gopher Way. It is entirely possible for one to park, attend classes, eat lunch, and drive home without stepping foot outdoors, but given the discontinuous nature of it, few people actually do.

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