The Joy of Gunz

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The Joy of Gunz
The Joy of Gunz.jpg
Studio album by Combichrist
Released September 1, 2003
Genre Aggrotech, power noise
Length 61:28
Label Out of Line
Combichrist chronology
The Joy of Gunz
Everybody Hates You

The Joy of Gunz is an album by the American aggrotech band, Combichrist. The album shows the very first sound of Combichrist ‒ a mixture of power noise and harsh electronic body music ‒ which later evolved into what LaPlegua dubbed techno-body-music (TBM). Compared to later Combichrist works, The Joy of Gunz is also very limited as far as vocals are concerned.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Intruder Alert" 3:41
2. "Joy to the World" 4:17
3. "You Will Be the Bitch Now" 3:25
4. "Winteryear" 3:36
5. "Play Dead" 4:07
6. "Turmoil" 2:54
7. "Master Control" 3:45
8. "Vater Unser" 4:27
9. "The Line to the Dead" 4:57
10. "Bulletfuck" 3:32
11. "Human Error" 2:50
12. "God Wrapped in Plastic" 3:56
13. "History of Madness" 4:49
14. "Shrunken Heads For All Occasions" 7:05
15. "This is the Joy of Gunz" 4:07


  • "Intruder Alert" contains a line from the movie Star Trek: the Motion Picture, during which the Enterprise computer goes on full red alert mode when entering an enormous cloud.
  • "Master Control" contains a line from the film Dazed and Confused.
  • "Play Dead" contains a line from the film Pet Sematary, during which the character of Louis Creed taunts the dying cat, Church.
  • "Vater Unser" contains a line at the very end from the film Braindead.
  • "This Is the Joy of Gunz" is not listed on the album itself.
  • Andy LaPlegua makes a reference to "Winteryear" in Panzer AG's song "Behind a Gasmask".
  • "Joy to the World" contains audio from an interview with Charles Manson.
  • The chorus of "God Wrapped in Plastic" contains audio from the pilot episode of Twin Peaks.
  • "Bulletfuck" contains a line from the film If....

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