The Last Breakthrough

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The Last Breakthrough
The Last Breakthrough promo poster
Genre Modern Drama
Written by Lau Choi-wan
Wong Hiu-chong
Lo Mei-wun
Starring Nick Cheung
Raymond Lam
Sonija Kwok
Leila Tong
Bosco Wong
Mimi Lo
Sharon Chan
Waise Lee
Kiki Sheung
Andrew Lin
Opening theme Heart Breathing 愛亦近 by Raymond Lam
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 30
Producer(s) Lam Chi-wah
Running time 45 minutes (approx.)
Original network TVB
Original release November 15 – December 26, 2004
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The Last Breakthrough
Traditional Chinese 天涯俠醫
Simplified Chinese 天涯侠医
Literal meaning "Heaven Saint Healer"

The Last Breakthrough (Traditional Chinese: 天涯俠醫; literally "Heaven Saint Healer") (Chinese: 天涯俠醫; Jyutping: tin1 ngaai4 haap6 ji1) is a 2004 Hong Kong television medical drama produced by TVB. The drama revolves around a group of doctors who provide volunteer medical relief to the less fortunate in world countries. Medical relief scenes were filmed in Kenya, Africa.


Ah Fun (Nick Cheung) and his girlfriend Eva (Gigi Leung) return from Kenya after volunteering with LifeForce. Before they had undertaken the trip, Eva had asked Ah Fun many times to accompany her to Kenya, though he had refused because he was busy treating wealthy patients in Hong Kong. Ah Fun takes Eva out to dinner and talk of how beautiful it was in Kenya and how they should go there some time after their marriage. However, fate strikes them as Eva is run over by a car after their dinner trying to pick up a key-ring that Ah Fun had given to her.

After the incident, Ah Fun visits Kenya because of Eva's influence. On his way to the LifeForce camp, he encounters a pregnant woman in trouble who is about to give birth to a baby boy. Ah Fun stops and helps the woman, who gives birth to a baby boy. The incident inspires Ah Fun to become an obstetrician so he can help deliver more babies. Eight years later, Ah Fun has a clinic opened to serve the people in the neighbourhood, sometimes even for free. He has changed completely from being competitive and greedy for power to helpful and cheerful. The story continues on about how he and his friends help out at LifeForce.

His life changes when Hong Kiu (Sonija Kwok) comes along. Hong Kiu is in love with Ah Fun but Ah Fun still cannot forget Eva. After many things (including a one-night stand), Hong Kiu and Ah Fun finally get together and they marry. But tragedy strikes again when Hong Kiu is diagnosed with womb cancer while she is pregnant. The doctors advise her to get rid of the baby and cut the tumor, but she refuses; instead, she waits until the baby is born and then accepts the surgery.

The surgery ends tragically and Hong Kiu is left in a coma. Ah Fun continues to visit her with their daughter every day at the same time. After persistent waiting, she awakes and the family travels to Kenya.


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