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Walden's Path - The Magnet School
The Magnet School logo.jpg
Awakening Intelligence
School typeProgressive School
FounderSunil Mayreddy[1]
Sister schoolWalden's Path

Walden's Path | The Magnet School[2] is a K-12 Progressive School in Hyderabad, India that is inspired by the philosophy and views on education of Jiddu Krishnamurti. The school is managed by the Walden Education Foundation.[3] The Magnet School follows 'The Studio Approach' with Science, Mathematics, Language and Literature. The Magnet School developed an approach and methodology that enables children to discover multiple ways of solving problems in Mathematics and applying concepts in Science.[4][5]

Studio-based learning[edit]

Walden's Path | The Magnet School follows Studio Based Learning developed by John Dewey. Unlike a lab that uses standardised procedures with set equipment to reproduce a protocol in order to obtain set outcomes, a Studio is a space that invigorates, inspires and provides an opportunity to create, construct and test objectives and hypotheses and analyse data.[6]

At The Magnet School, The Experiential Studio serves grades 1 - IV while The Scholar’s Studio serves grades V - XII.

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