The Mind's I (album)

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The Mind's I
The Mind's I album cover.jpg
Studio album by Dark Tranquillity
Released April 21, 1997
2004, 2005 (reissues)
Recorded Summer 1996
(Studio Fredman)[1]
Genre Melodic death metal
Length 46:34
Label Osmose
Producer Dark Tranquillity, Fredrik Nordström
Dark Tranquillity chronology
Enter Suicidal Angels
(1996)Enter Suicidal Angels1996
The Mind's I
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[2]

The Mind's I is the third full-length studio album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity, released in 1997.

In 2004, The Mind's I was re-released under Osmose Productions and in 2005 by Century Media Records with new layouts, the four-song Enter Suicidal Angels EP, two live videos and the music video for the song "Hedon".

This is the only Dark Tranquility release on which Anders Jivarp receives no writing credits.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Dreamlore Degenerate" Stanne Henriksson, Sundin 2:44
2. "Zodijackyl Light" Stanne Sundin, Johansson 3:59
3. "Hedon" Sundin Henriksson, Sundin 5:37
4. "Scythe, Rage and Roses" Stanne Henriksson 2:33
5. "Constant" Stanne Sundin, Johansson 3:02
6. "Dissolution Factor Red" Sundin, Stanne Johansson, Sundin 2:07
7. "Insanity's Crescendo" Stanne Henriksson, Johansson, Sundin 6:52
8. "Still Moving Sinews" Sundin, Stanne Sundin, Johansson 4:42
9. "Atom Heart 243.5" Sundin Sundin, Johansson, Henriksson 4:00
10. "Tidal Tantrum" Stanne Johansson 2:57
11. "Tongues" Sundin Henriksson, Johansson, Sundin 4:53
12. "The Mind's Eye" (Instrumental) Palm, Johansson 3:11
Total length: 46:34



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