The Powers of the Earth

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The Powers of the Earth
AuthorTravis J I Corcoran
CountryUnited States
PublisherMorlock Publishing
Publication date
Pages610 pp.
Followed byCauses of Separation 

The Powers of the Earth is a 2017 libertarian hard science fiction novel by Travis J I Corcoran.[1] It is his debut novel, and the first release in the Aristillus Series. The novel was funded by a 2017 Kickstarter campaign that raised $18,000.[2]


An ungoverned lunar settlement whose economy developed while Earth's economy declined under a command-and-control economy engages in a struggle to stay free from Earth's meddling bureaucracy.[3] The lunar colonists engage in military conflicts with the Earth forces on the surface of the moon, in space ships flying between Earth and the moon, and in the tunnels of the city of Aristillus. The novel deals with uplifted dogs, artificial intelligence, guns, space law, anti-gravity, libertarianism, and rebellion, as well as the Heinlein trope of the competent man.[4]

Reviews and critical reception[edit]

The novel won the Prometheus Award for Best Novel in 2018.[5]


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