The Summit of the Gods

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The Summit of the Gods
The Summit of the Gods.jpg
Cover of the first volume of The Summit of the Gods, as released by Shueisha
(Kamigami no Itadaki)
GenreHistorical, Drama
Written byJiro Taniguchi
Published byShueisha
English publisher
MagazineBusiness Jump
Original run20002003
Live-action film
Everest: Kamigami no Itadaki
Directed byHideyuki Hirayama
Written byMasato Kato
Music byTakashi Kako
StudioKadokawa Corporation
ReleasedMarch 12, 2016 (2016-03-12)
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The Summit of the Gods (Japanese: 神々の山嶺, Hepburn: Kamigami no Itadaki) is a manga series written and illustrated by Jiro Taniguchi. Based a 1998 novel by Baku Yumemakura,[1][2] it follows Fukamachi, a photographer who finds a camera supposedly belonging to George Mallory, a mountaineer who went missing on Mount Everest, and goes on a mountain-climbing adventure along with his friend Habu Joji.[3]


The manga was originally serialized in the magazine Business Jump by Shueisha between May 2000 and July 2003 issues.[4] It was collected into five tankōbon published between December 15, 2000 and March 20, 2003,[5][6] then re-released in bunkoban between October 18, 2006 and January 18, 2007.[7][8] An English-language version was licensed by British company Fanfare/Ponent Mon in 2007.[9] On July 23, 2009, its first volume was released,[10] and the last was released on July 31, 2015.[11] It has also been published in French by Kana in 2004-2005,[12] German by Schreiber & Leser,[13] and Spanish by Ponent Mon.[14]


In 2001, it was awarded a prize for excellence by the Agency for Cultural Affairs at the Japan Media Arts Festival, which praised its "powerful illustrations [that] seem to transport the reader right up into the mountains."[1] Its English adaptation received a nomination for Ignatz Award for Outstanding Graphic Novel and Outstanding Series in 2010.[3] The fourth English volume also was nominated at the 2014 Eisner Award in the category "Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Asia".[15]


Live-action film[edit]

The manga was adapted into a live-action film, Everest: Kamigami no Itadaki (エヴェレスト 神々の山嶺, Everesuto Kamigami no Itadaki), directed by Hideyuki Hirayama and starring Junichi Okada, Hiroshi Abe and Machiko Ono.[16][17] Distributed by Asmik Ace Entertainment and Toho, it was released on March 12, 2016,[18] and grossed ¥1.26 billion.[19]

Animated film[edit]

In January 2015, an international co-production was announced between French Julianne Films, Belgian Walking The Dog and Luxembourg Mélusine Productions to create an animated film based on The Summit of the Gods.[20] Éric Valli and Jean-Christophe Roger will direct the film produced by Didier Brunner.[21]


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