The Sunday Edition (CBC Radio)

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The Sunday Edition
Genre talk show
Country Canada
Home station CBC Radio
Host(s) Michael Enright
Recording studio Toronto, Ontario
Air dates since 2000

The Sunday Edition is a Sunday morning radio show on CBC Radio One, hosted by Michael Enright. As the title might imply, the program was originally simply the Sunday edition of This Morning, which Enright co-hosted until the Sunday program became a separate entity in 2000.[1]

Its subject matter is wide ranging with current affairs, arts reporting, radio documentaries, and interviews. It is often quite sombre and serious in tone. However, The Sunday Edition is also listed among the 100 best April Fool's jokes of all time for its fake interview with Jimmy Carter on April 1, 2001.[2] The interview with the "washed up peanut farmer" even fooled The Globe and Mail, which reported the interview as fact on its front pages. Toronto comedian Ray Landry played the role of Carter.[2]

The program is considered a "ratings hit" with 1.1 million people listening to at least part of the show in a typical week.[3]

As of October 2009, an abbreviated edition of the program is repeated at midnight on Sunday nights, with the title, The Sunday Edition: Round Midnight.

Beginning in the fall of 2014, the program will be cut from three hours in length to two, with the 11 am to noon slot being taken over by The 180, a current affairs show based in Western Canada.[3]


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