The White Noise

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The White Noise
The White Noise (band).jpg
Background information
Also known as Set The Sun (2009–2015)
Origin Dallas, Texas, U.S.
Years active 2009–present
Labels Fearless
Associated acts
  • Even Cameras Lie
  • Blindwish
  • Afterzoo
  • Clover The Girl
  • Down to Friend
  • The Scarlet Letter
  • Crown the Empire
  • David Southern
  • Shawn Walker
  • Josh "KJ" Strock
  • Bailey Crego
  • Tommy West
Past members
  • Nate Anderson
  • Arturo Pina
  • Dakota Price
  • Brandon Daniels
  • Alex Summers
  • Kendrick Nicholson
  • Landon Jett

The White Noise is an American punk rock band from Dallas, Texas, currently based in Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2009 under the name Set the Sun by guitarist and vocalist David Southern and drummer Alex Summers, the band has gone through many lineup changes. In 2013, Southern was the sole founding member and recruited vocalist Shawn Walker and guitarist Josh "KJ" Strock to form what would eventually become The White Noise.


2009–2011: Formative Years, Set the Sun and Desolate [edit]

Set The Sun was formed in 2009 by David Southern and Alex Summers at the ages of 17 in Dallas, Texas.[1] Southern and Summers began playing music together[1] before enlisting the help of Nate Anderson, Arturo Pina, Dakota Price and Brandon Daniels in early 2010.[2] The band's style was a mix of post-hardcore,[2] metalcore[3] and heavy metal[4] incorporating unclean Vocals from Anderson and clean vocals from Southern.[2] Set The Sun entered the studio in late 2010 before releasing their Debut EP Set The Sun in early 2011. Set The Sun continued this style into their second release Desolate recorded in early 2011 and released in late 2011.[1]

2012–2014: Relocation and name change[edit]

Set the Sun performing in 2014; from left to right: Josh Strock (lead guitar), Shawn Walker (vocals), Kendrick Nicholson (bass), Landon Jett (drums), David Southern (rhythm guitar, vocals).

In early 2012, Set The Sun release two singles days apart, the first "Armagetition" continuing their metalcore style and the second "Mishaps" being an acoustic ballad using only Southern's clean Vocals.[1] Additionally, the band played Vans Warped tour in 2012 and 2013 and South by So What?! in 2013.[4] However, after frequent touring the band began to experience person problems, leading to the departure of Anderson, Pina, Daniels and Summers and Southern's being left as the sole found member.[4][5] Although, Price is currently playing for Hollowealth.[2]

Instead of giving up Southern decided to recruit a whole new band of musicians, gaining the assistance of ex-Down to Friend unclean vocalist and keyboard player Shawn Walker (who had previously replaced Price as bassist, however moved to clean vocals after Anderson's departure), Josh "KJ" Strock, ex-The Scarlet Letter drummer Landon Jett and bassist Kendrick Nicholson[4] who met through the recording studio that Strock was working at the time[6] and began working on new material. Then after the release of many singles (including The Temptress,[2] Expectations,[2] The Prince,[2] Father Said[7] and The Ghost of John Stokedton[8] ), which were intended to be released as the band's debut album,[5] the members began to feel their following material was so different from that of their first two EPs, they decided on a name change to The White Noise. Eventually leading to the departure of Jett (going on to start Clover The Girl) and Nicholson (who went on to join Even Cameras Lie and Blindwish) and the recruitment of ex-Crown the Empire guitar tech Baily Crego and ex-Even Cameras Lie and Afterzoo drummer Tommy West.[4] The change in musical style, partially being to do with how the members realized that they, themselves, did not enjoy listening to metalcore, and were in fact only playing the style because everybody else in their scene was as well, leading to their relocation to Los Angeles.[6]

In 2014, Southern guested on post-hardcore band Coronet's debut EP, The Greater of Two Fires.[9]

2015-present: Aren't You Glad EP and AM/PM[edit]

In Early 2015, the newly christened band The White Noise signed to Fearless Records before releasing the single and music video Bloom, on August 13.[10] This style was then continued on to their next single Red Eye Lids released on October 21,[11] and onto the release of their debut EP (under their new alias) Aren't You Glad?[12][13] on February 27, 2016 coinciding with the release of the EPs third music video, Picture Day[14]

The White Noise released their debut full-length album AM/PM on June 23, 2017.[15]

In 2018, the ensemble toured with Anti-Flag, Stray from the Path and Sharptooth.[16]


Music videos[edit]

Title Year
"Armagetiton" 2012
"Expectations" 2013
"The Ghost of John Stokedton" 2014
"Bloom" 2015
"Red Eye Lids"
"Picture Day" 2016
"Cosmopolitician" (Live Video)
"Bite Marks" 2017
"The Best Songs are Dead"
"I Lost my Mind (In California)"

[citation needed]


Set the Sun performing in 2013.
Set the Sun live in 2011.
Current members
  • David Southern - Clean vocals (2009–present), rhythm guitar (2009-2016), bass (2016–present)
  • Shawn Walker - Unclean vocals (2013–present), clean vocals (2017–present) bass (2012)
  • Josh "KJ" Strock - Lead guitar (2013–present)
  • Bailey Crego - Bass (2014–2016), backing vocals (2014–present), rhythm guitar (2016–present)
  • Tommy West - Drums (2014–present)

Past members[edit]

  • Nate Anderson - Unclean vocals (2010–2013)
  • Arturo Pina - Lead guitar (2010–2013)
  • Dakota Price - Bass, clean vocals (2010–2012)[20]
  • Kendrick Nicholson - Bass, backing vocals (2013–2014)
  • Alex Summers - Drums (2009–2013)[1][21]
  • Landon Jett - Drums (2013–2014)
  • Brandon Daniels - Keyboard (2010–2013)[22]


Musical style[edit]

The White Noise's musical style has been described as post-hardcore,[23][24][25][26][27][28] melodic hardcore,[23][29][28] hardcore punk,[26][25][28] metallic hardcore,[28] punk rock,[30][25][17][13] industrial punk and ambient hardcore.[6] The band have also cited influences including Rancid,[31] Nine Inch Nails, Underoath, Brand New,[32] Give up the Ghost, Converge, AFI, Jawbreaker and The Used.[33]

Where as Set the Sun's musical style has been described as metalcore,[23][3][34] post-hardcore,[2][34] heavy metal,[4] electronicore,[34] progressive metalcore,[34] deathcore,[35] and hardcore punk[35] and compared to the likes of Wage War,[35] August Burns Red,[34][35] Bring Me The Horizon,[35] Chelsea Grin,[35] Attack Attack!,[34] Asking Alexandria[34] and Architects.[34]


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