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Thelacantha brevispina female dorsal.jpg
Female T. brevispina from Taiwan
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Chelicerata
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Infraorder: Araneomorphae
Family: Araneidae
Genus: Thelacantha
Hasselt, 1907[1]
Species: T. brevispina
Binomial name
Thelacantha brevispina
(Doleschall, 1857)[1]
male T. brevispina from Japan

Thelacantha is a spider genus of the Araneidae family with only one described species, Thelacantha brevispina.[2] The species is closely related to Gasteracantha, and was synonymized with it in 1859, but revalidated in 1974.[1]


The species is found in Madagascar, in southern Asia from India to Philippines, Japan and Australia.[2][1]


Saito described three other Thelacantha species in 1933, which were later synonymized with T. brevispina. T. brevispina has quite often been misidentified as Gasteracantha mammosa, which is now G. cancriformis.[1]

T. brevispina has gone through a checkered name history, with many synonyms:[1]

  • Plectana brevispina Doleschall, 1857
  • Plectana roseolimbata Doleschall, 1859
  • Plectana flavida Doleschall, 1859
  • Gasteracantha mammeata Thorell, 1859
  • Gasteracantha guttata Thorell, 1859
  • Gasteracantha borbonica Vinson, 1863
  • Gasteracantha alba Vinson, 1863
  • Gasteracantha canningensis Stoliczka, 1869
  • Gasteracantha suminata L. Koch, 1871
  • Gasteracantha mastoidea L. Koch, 1872
  • Stanneoclavis suminata (Karsch, 1878)
  • Stanneoclavis mastoidea (Karsch, 1878)
  • Actinacantha maculata Karsch, 1878
  • Gasteracantha brevispina (Thorell, 1878)
  • Gasteracantha observatrix O. P.-Cambridge, 1879
  • Gasteracantha mammosa Hasselt, 1882
  • Gasteracantha flavida (Hasselt, 1882)
  • Stanneoclavis latronum Simon, 1890
  • Gasteracantha sola Saito, 1933
  • Gasteracantha sparsa Saito, 1933
  • Gasteracantha formosana Saito, 1933
  • Thelacantha brevispina (Benoit, 1964)


Females grow to a body size of about 6–10 mm, with males reaching a size of 3-5mm.[2]

Large female T. brevispinna from Hilo, Hawai'i ('Akaka Falls region)

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