These Things Move in Threes

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These Things Move in Threes
Studio album by Mumm-Ra
Released May 28, 2007
Genre Indie rock, alternative rock, post-punk revival
Label Columbia
Mumm-Ra chronology
Black Hurts Day and the Night Rolls On
These Things Move in Threes
Back to the Shore
Singles from These Things Move In Threes
  1. "Out of the Question"
    Released: October 2006
  2. "What Would Steve Do?"
    Released: February 2007
  3. "She's Got You High"
    Released: August 2007
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Rocklouder 3/5 stars link
NME 8/10 stars link
indielondon 4/5 stars link
LeedsMusicScene 4/5 stars link
musicOHM 4/5 stars link
Clickmusic 4/5 stars link
inthenews 7/10 stars link
Choon 6/10 stars link
AllMusic 3/5 stars link

These Things Move in Threes is the first album from indie rock band Mumm-Ra, released on 28 May 2007, and leaked onto the internet on the 17 May. Before the release of the album, three songs were taken as singles, whilst Song B was released on the EP, Black Hurts Day and the Night Rolls On, and had a music video created.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Now or Never"
  2. "Out of the Question"
  3. "These Things Move in Threes"
  4. "She's Got You High"
  5. "Song B"
  6. "The Sick Deal"
  7. "Light Up This Room"
  8. "Starlight"
  9. "This Is Easy"
  10. "What Would Steve Do?"
  11. "Down Down Down"


From Out of the Question

  1. "Clocks Tick Louder at the Dead of Night"
  2. "When the Lights Go Out"
  3. "In Between Days" (cover of The Cure)

From What Would Steve Do?

  1. "Cute As"
  2. "Without You"
  3. "What Would Steve Do?" (Floorboard Mix)

From She's Got You High

  1. "Indiscrete"
  2. "Song E"
  3. "Out of the Question" (live)
  4. "There She Is" (acoustic)