Thomas Lawrence (Governor of Maryland)

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Sir Thomas Lawrence (c. 1645–1714) was the 2nd Royal Governor of Maryland in 1693, elected by the Governor's Council following the death of Sir Lionel Copley, (1648-1693). He governed the colony for only a few weeks before the new royally appointed governor, Edmund Andros, (1637-1714), arrived from his trans-Atlantic trip to take over control of the colony. He was briefly the 6th Royal Governor of Maryland a second time when Andros then left the colony in 1694 (later also served as governor in the Dominion of New England and Virginia.

Thomas Lawrence was born in 1645 in Chelsea, Middlesex, England. Son of John Lawrence and Mary, he had several sibling, being he the elder of them. He emigrated in 1692 in Province of Maryland, settling in Mary's City (St. Mary's County) and Annapolis, while his family probably stayed in England.[1] In 1693 he was President of the Council and acting Royal Governor of Province of Maryland. [2] Lawrence returned to England in 1705/6. He died in 1714.[1]