Tigani bi arab

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Tigani bi arab
Studio album by Dalida
Released 1987
Recorded 1977-1986
Genre World music, Pop music, Adult contemporary music
Label Orlando International Shows, Carrere
Dalida chronology
Le visage de l'amour
(1986)Le visage de l'amour1986
Tigani bi arab
Comme si j'étais là...
(1995)Comme si j'étais là...1995

Tigani bi arab is an album by Dalida released in 1987.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Dalida, Dalida
  2. Ahsan nass
  3. Salma ya salama
  4. Helwa ya baladi (Instrumental version)
  5. Aghani, Aghani
  6. Helwa ya baladi
  7. Gamil el soura
  8. Salma ya salama (Instrumental version)


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  • Dalida Official Website (in English) (in French)

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