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Toko is located in Taranaki Region
Coordinates: 39°20′12″S 174°23′27″E / 39.33667°S 174.39083°E / -39.33667; 174.39083
Country New Zealand
Region Taranaki
District Stratford District
Population (2006)
 • Total 1,164
Last gas for 150km

Toko is a small rural settlement 10 kilometres east of Stratford, New Zealand, at the intersection of East Road (State Highway 43) and Toko Road. It is located on a railway, the Stratford–Okahukura Line, the western portion of which was operated as a branch line known as the Toko Branch prior to the line's completion. The Toko Stream flows through the area to join the Patea River.[1][2]

The population of the Toko statistical area was 1164 in the 2006 Census, unchanged from 2001. The statistical area covers a large region to the east of Stratford, not just the settlement of Toko.[3]


Toko is surrounded by extremely fertile land, being located on the periphery of the Taranaki ringplain and adjacent to the Patea River. The area is drained by the Toko Stream, and its tributaries the Manawaiwiri and Waiwiri Streams. Once covered in wetlands, since settlement the area has been drained to take advantage of the fertile soils. Dairy farming predominates the surrounding land use, with some sheep and beef farming in the steeper hill country.


Toko was established in the 1890s, and served as an important centre for the developing hinterland. The settlement took on the nature of a village, containing a railway station, a dairy factory, a church, a hall, a hotel, a sawmill, a trucking depot, a playcentre, a sports facility, and a number of other businesses and numerous dwellings. Toko School was established in 1893, and located on a site approximately 2 km east of Toko at the intersection of East Road and Wawiri Road.

Like other rural centres, Toko went into decline in the latter part of the 20th century. The railway station, dairy factory and sawmill all closed. However the factory buildings are now used for an engineering business, and the church, hall, domain, hotel, trucking depot, and an automotive workshop are still being used for business and social activities.

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Toko School is a coeducational full primary (years 1–8) school with a decile rating of 8 and a roll of 97.[4] The school was founded in 1893.[5]


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Coordinates: 39°20′S 174°24′E / 39.333°S 174.400°E / -39.333; 174.400