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Tomoya Nagase
Native name 長瀬 智也
Born (1978-11-07) November 7, 1978 (age 37)
Origin Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Japan
Years active 1993–present
Associated acts Tokio

Tomoya Nagase (長瀬 智也 Nagase Tomoya?, born November 7, 1978) is a Japanese singer and actor.[1][2] He is a member of Tokio, a Johnny & Associates musical group. He is the primary vocalist, in addition to playing the guitar alongside Tokio's leader, Shigeru Joshima.


As an artist[edit]

He was inspired by bands Hikaru Genji and SMAP to answer a recruiting call of Johnny & Associates and was accepted. In 1992, he played several stage plays (Playzone and Mask) together with other Tokio members. He first played tambourine during Tokio's early performances as SMAP's background dancers. Just prior to Tokio's debut, the band's rhythm guitarist, Hiromu Kojima, left the band and was replaced by Tomoya Nagase.

In 1997, Nagase collaborated with American R&B group 3T to record the Japanese version of Eternal Flame, which was used as the theme song for the Japanese drama D×D, in which he starred. The single was released under the artist name "Tomoya with 3T" and reached number 12 on the Oricon charts. Nagase lists Guns N' Roses as his favorite band.[3][4]

As an actor[edit]

Nagase has had parts in over 40 dramas. His first lead role was in Hakusen Nagashi (1996). More lead roles followed including Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Mukodono!, and Tiger & Dragon. Mukodono! was his first comedic role. In My Boss My Hero he had another comedic role. He received an "Ishihara Yuijiro Award" in 2002 as "The Best Newcomer" for his role in the movie Seoul. He also currently playing as a lead actor in a drama Unubore Deka


Nagase has endorsed many various brands with the band Tokio and by himself. He is currently a brand ambassador for Fujicolor and Lotte Toppo. With Tokio, he has endorsed among others Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Eneos, a brand for Nippon Oil. As an actor, he has also endorsed UFO Nissin noodles, Lotte Coolish drinks, Subaru, Morinaga, Suntory Dry beer, Mazda, All Nippon Airways, NTT docomo, Hitachi Wooo, and Uniqlo.

Personal life[edit]

Nagase dated singer and former actress Ayumi Hamasaki from the beginning of both of their acting careers.[5] In 2001, they publicly announced their relationship. In 2007, the media circulated rumors that the couple were about to get married; however, on July 13 of that year, Ayumi Hamasaki announced that they had broken up. Though Hamasaki did not explain the reason for the split, she stated that they had parted amicably and the two remained friends.[6][7]


Year Title Medium Role Notes
1993 Twins Kyoshi TV
1994 Ari yo Sabara TV
1995 Saiko no Kataomoi TV
Kakeochi no Susume TV
Koibito Yo TV
1996 Hakusen Nagashi TV
Dear Woman TV
1997 Ryoma ga Yuku TV
Fuzoroi no Ringotachi 4 TV
D×D TV Shigeru Joshima and Tatsuya Yamaguchi also acted in this drama
Hakusen Nagashi: 19 no Haru TV Wataru Ookouchi
1998 Days TV
Love And Eros TV
1999 Ringu Saishusho TV Ryuji Takayama
Hakusen Nagashi: Hatachi no Kaze TV Wataru Ookouchi
Sea Side Love (Suna no ue no koibitotachi) TV
2000 Ikebukuro West Gate Park TV Majima Makoto
2001 Mukodono! TV Yuichiro Sakuraba
Hakusen Nagashi: Tabidachi no Uta TV Wataru Ookouchi
Handoku TV Ichiban Hazama
2002 Seoul Film Hayase Yutaro Received Ishihara Yuijiro Award for Best Newcomer.
Big Money TV Norimichi Shirato
Yan Papa TV Yuusaku Mabuchi
2003 Mukodono 2003 TV Yuichiro Sakuraba
Futari TV
Hakusen Nagashi: 25-sai TV Wataru Ookouchi
2004 Kanojo ga Shinjatta TV Hajime Ansai
Otouto TV
2005 Akechi Kogoro VS Kindaichi Kosuke TV
Tiger & Dragon TV Kotora Yamazaki
Hakusen Nagashi: Yume Miru Goro o Sugitemo TV Wataru Ookouchi
2006 My Boss My Hero TV Makio Sakaki
2007 Utahime TV Shimanto Taro, Akira Koizumi
Sword of the Stranger Film Nanashi ("Nameless") Voice (Original Japanese version)
2009 Karei naru Spy TV Kyosuke Yoroi
Heaven's Door Film Masato Aoyama
2010 Miporin no Ekubo TV
Unubore Deka TV Unubore
2013 Kurokochi TV Kurokouchi Keita
Nakuna, Hara-chan TV Hara-chan
2016 Too Young to Die! Film


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