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The Tory power stance is a human body position notably adopted by members of the British Conservative Party. The posture consists of standing with the legs spread wide apart, like a heavyweight boxer about to enter the ring.[1][2][3] The position has been described colloquially as "the Beyoncé", after the performer Beyoncé.[4] The stance has also been called the "Tory power pose" and "the John Wayne".[5]

The stance first came to public attention 2015 Conservative Party Conference,[6] but had previously been used by Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair.[7] The stance is intended to display power and confidence, perhaps based on the controversial 'power posing' hypothesis of Amy Cuddy or a misunderstanding of it.[8][9] Politicians pictured in this stance have included Sajid Javid, George Osborne, David Cameron,[10] Tony Blair[11] and Theresa May.[12][13]

Articles in the tabloid press have compared the power stance with poses by characters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Blackadder.[14][15]


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