The Longing of Sherlock Holmes

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The Longing of Sherlock Holmes
Directed by Stepán Skalský
Written by Stepán Skalský
Starring Radovan Lukavský
Václav Voska
Release date
March 3, 1972[1]

The Longing of Sherlock Holmes (Czech:Touha Sherlocka Holmese) is a 1972 Czechoslovak television film directed by Stepán Skalský and starring Radovan Lukavský, Václav Voska and Vlasta Fialová.[1] The film also features Josef Kemr.[2] Theodor Pištěk designed the costumes for the film.


Desiring a change of pace, Sherlock Holmes decides for once to play criminal instead of crime-fighter. His attempt is eventually foiled by Watson.


Filmed on location in Prague, Liberec and Hrádek u Nechanic,[3] it was based on an original screenplay by director Stepán Skalský.[1]



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